Rubber Mounts

Engineering Mounts

This range of mountings is suited to the suspension of heavy equipment and machinery and is extensively used as a flexible mount for large medium speed diesel marine propulsion units. The ratio of compression to shear stiffness rates can be varied by incorporating rigid interleave plates in the rubber section, thereby enabling the overall suspension properties to be optimized to isolate the major disturbing vibrations.

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EH mounts used in heavy and light equipment such as agriculture, construction, engines, motors, exhaust and highway vehicles. Therese mounts absorb shocks, vibrations, and noises in all planes. Their design consists of a resilient elastomer that is bonded to a tubular steel inner member, this makes installation simple and improves fatigue life compared to non-bonded designs.

Standard Production


Applications include: engines, pumps, air conditioning units, compressors, cabs, off-road and portable equipment, fuel tanks, mobile and transport mounted equipment, military and agricultural vehicles and industrial machinery.