Standard Mount VE

Standard mounts are a low cost vibration isolation solution to suit all applications and are available with male, female or a combination of threads in a wide range of sizes and loads. They are supplied as standard in Natural Rubber.  However,  we can also offer any of these in other Elastomer compouunds for applications in more onerous environmental conditions.  These products are used in a significantly wide range of applications including small macinery, instruments, engines, pumps, radiators, measurement equipment, computer cabinets etc.

Standard Production


Generators, compressors, different types of machines and equipments, also used as machine feet.

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Rubber mounts, also known as rubber buffers, rubber bobbins are a popular and cost-effective anti-vibration mount. It supports all kinds of mechanical objects and can effectively absorb the vertical force to prevent impact and overload. The demension range is available in various sizes between 8 – 150mm. They are available in Natural Rubber as standard material. But other compounds are available on request. Stainless steel metal parts are also available on request for substantial volume orders.

However, if you require a custom made Vibration Isolation to your specific dimensions, capacity or functional requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.